Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheists

We know there are lots of atheists in Louisville, but what about in your neighborhoods and local communities? This map was inspired by a member on our Facebook group who posted a request for support and help after being injured in a car accident, and found out that there were members of our group who lived close by and were very happy lend a hand! If you would like to make connections with other atheists who live close to you, check out the map and even add a pin for your location!

Note that this map is open to the public so for privacy's sake we recommend that you give your approximate location and not your exact address. To help others find you, you may want to include an email address or link your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Go to the map edit page to add your pin. To add a pin, click the "pin" icon in the edit bar, and then click on the map in your general location.



Be sure to add your name and any contact information you would like to make public to the pin label.