Something’s Brewing

Something’s Brewing is a safe place for Louisville atheists and freethinkers to discuss topics related to living in a predominantly religious community in a more intimate, small group setting. This is your opportunity to get out something you might have been brewing over yourself like issues with a family member or co-worker.

Find the details for Something's Brewing events in the right sidebar and on our Events Calendar.

2 thoughts on “Something’s Brewing

  1. Nathan Havens

    Hello, my name is Nathan Havens, and I would like to attend an upcoming event. Do you have any advice on where to start? In other words, are there meetings that are designed more for long-time members, and other meetings designed more for people who aren't members? For the record, I am a former Christian and Southern Baptist minister who is now an atheist. Thank you so much,

  2. Hello Nathan! Newcomers are welcome at all of our posted meetups. The various meetings do have different styles. Something's Brewing is a (relatively) small and informal group that meets at a coffee house on Wednesday Nights. Reasonable Living on Sunday mornings is usually centered around a book or a topical study, though no reading or preparation is required to attend. The monthly meetings are larger and usually include some social time, food, and a guest speaker.

    You are welcome to attend any of these as a first-timer. I recommend you join our Meetup group at to see the meeting venues and details, and please RSVP if you plan to attend (especially for the Something's Brewing group since it is a small group and space is limited.)

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