January Meetup: KY Mom Suzanne Lamb Fights the Gideons

In the January Meetup of the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, Suzanne Lamb will discuss how she fought distribution of the Gideons distribution of Bibles in Muehlenberg County public schools. She forced the district to establish a policy for non-profit groups distributing literature on campus and is still working with getting clarity on that policy. She has worked with the Secular Student Alliance of Western Kentucky University to distribute literature from the Freedom From Religion Foundation whenever the Gideons are permitted to distribute bibles.  Suzanne and the WKU SSA also got the school board to drop prayers before their meetings. Suzanne has been interviewed on Freethought Radio (http://traffic.libsyn.com/ffrf/FTradio_343_111812.mp3) and her story has been covered by news services (http://surfky.com/index.php/communities/67-local-muhlenberg-top-news/23886-atheists-continue-battle-over-gideon-bibles-handed-out-in-schools-continues-in-muhlenberg). Suzanne and her husband are raising 3 children.

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