Ed Hensley on the Mandy Connell Show

Ed was on the Mandy Connell show today, and did a fantastic job representing Louisville Atheists in a pretty hostile environment. Topics covered include the Kentucky Homeland Security case, claims that America is a "Christian Nation," discrimination against atheists, and the case by the Center for Inquiry to gain legal marriage rights for secular celebrants. You can listen to the whole hour below.

Ed Hensley on Mandy Connell

One thought on “Ed Hensley on the Mandy Connell Show

  1. Linda G Scherer

    What an interesting show. Mandy tried hard to attack Ed but was unable to win points on history of separation of church and state; could not win on the issue of who was angry and who was not; could not win on the issue of penalties for those who do not feel the need of "Almighty God" to keep the Commonwealth safe. Her attempt to be insulting over use of money was rediculous. "Where do you draw the line" was a question to try to prove that god is part of this country. But she did not discuss "whose" god. She seemed to believe that only christianity is a ligitimate religion and totally ignored all others. She acted as though she did not know that there are numerous ways that atheists experience discrimination/persecution. "Sometimes freedom is inconvenient" is not a response to the issues Ed presented. She implied that people who rely on science think they are smarter than others and refused to take Ed's answer as valid. However Ed did demonstrate that his knowledge of history was more indepth than Mandy's or any of the callers. It was good to have Ed on the show. And a big thank you to Mandy for giving him air time.

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