Map of Freethinkers in Kentucky

Attention Kentucky Atheists and Freethinkers!

Do you feel isolated in your local communities? Does it seem like everyone around you is religious, and had no problem with pushing their beliefs on you?

You are not alone!

Let other atheists and freethinkers know where you are by adding yourself to the Map of Kentucky Freethinkers! Especially if you live far from the major metropolitan areas, your presence is needed to help us connect you to other freethinkers and to let others know that they are not alone either.

In just about 1 week since the map was published, we have had over 80 responses, and we know there are more out there.

To see more detail about the map and to add yourself visit


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Happy Solstice from Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers!


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August 2013 Meetup: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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LAF July Meetup: Andrew Seidel discusses the Christian Nation myth

The Greatest Story Every Sold: America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage from Mikel on Vimeo.

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Shelley Segal performs for LAF!


Shelley Segal singing for the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers Meetup

The May meetup was extra an extra special meetup for the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers. During her tour of the US, Shelley Segal stopped in Louisville, Kentucky to give a stunning live performance at our meeting. The lineup included songs from her first album An Atheist Album and her project with Adam Levy called Little March. If you are familiar with An Atheist Album, the stories behind the songs are particularly fascinating (at least they were to me).

Whoever said that atheists have no songs? :)

See the full performance here.

You can find more information about Shelley Segal at her website

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April 2013 Meetup: The Prince of Evolution

Lee Dugatkin discusses his new book, “The Prince of Evolution.” The topic of the book is Peter Kropotkin, a Russian anarchist and biologist. Kropotkin’s observations of villages and wildlife in Siberia let him to the conclusion that Darwinian evolution can lead to altruism, or mutual aid as he called it, and not only to competition.

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Lara Farinholt’s Nine Months in India

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Upcoming in March

For the March Meetup of the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, LAF member Laura Farinholt will discuss her time spent in India. The discussion will include the culture and lifestyle and the ways that the dominant religions there, Hinduism and Islam, affect daily life.

For more detail, visit the event detail page.

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Feb 2013 Meetup: Misuse of Biology in Film and Pop Culture

Misuse of Biology in Film and Pop Culture – Dr. Michael Perlin from Mikel Hensley on Vimeo.

University of Louisville biology professor Michael Perlin was our guest speaker with a presentation entitled Misuse of Biology in Film and Pop Culture. This fun and informative presentation pokes fun at the misuse of biology and evolution in particular in popular shows and movies. Toward the second half of presentation, Perlin goes into a discussion of the Intelligent Design movement, and how it takes advantage of common misunderstandings of science and evolution.

Michael Perlin earned a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Chicago in 1983. His areas of interest include molecular genetics; structure and function of the gene; molecular biology of drug action; gene mapping and splicing, fungal phytopathogens, host/pathogen interaction. Perlin has been published in many leading scientific journals.

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Darwin Day Wrap-up

Saturday’s Darwin Day event was a great success! In total we had about 80 visitors and raised over $100 for the newly forming Kentuckians for Science Education.

More photos with Darwin can be seen at

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