Atheism Resources

Atheism/Agnosticism Information

  • Atheism at About.Com
  • The Secular Web, an excellent repository of atheist and freethought writings available for free online.
  • Bank of Wisdom: Rare and suppressed Freethought works make available in PDF format. An invaluable resource for the history of atheism and freethought.
  • Atheist Community of Austin: Frequently Asked Questions 
  • The Atheist Experience This is an public access show in Austin, TX which is hosted by the Atheist Community of Austin. It is available live online and in podcast form on iTunes. The hosts discuss atheism and atheist issues on a weekly call-in show.
  • The Thinking Atheist Online atheist community. Includes excellent podcasts and videos and online discussion. Also check out The Thinking Atheist podcast on iTunes.
  • Amazing Atheists: Presentation made by Ed Hensley for the Paducah Secular Society. This presentation highlights famous and loved atheists who have made amazing contributions to America and to the world.

Answering the Apologists

Kentucky Organizations

  • Kentucky Secular Society (KySS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to critical thinking, the separation of church and state, science education, and civil rights in Kentucky.
  • Kentuckians for Science Education: A newly forming organization supporting science education and educators in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

 National Atheist and Humanist Organizations